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Peter Smith has enjoyed a long and distinguished career as an attorney, judge, writer, and arbitrator/mediator in Los Angeles. After Smith practiced law from 1961 to 1967, Governor Ronald Reagan appointed him to the Alhambra (CA) Municipal Court in 1967. In 1972, Smith was elevated to the Los Angeles Superior Court. He retired from that court in 1988, and then used his skills to serve as a private judge in arbitration and mediation cases (conflict resolution) for the next 13 years.

What is alternative dispute resolution (ADR)? It is a process outside of the usual government judicial process for settling disputes. ADR can be much less costly than a conventional trial. For more information on out-of-court solutions, arbitration clauses, and ethics issues, see the Federal Arbitration Act (1926) and American Arbitration Association (AAA), a not-for-profit organization.

Beginning in 2001, Judge Smith decided to devote his time to writing. He produced two novels and a practical handbook of tips and tactics regarding personal finance. His books are based on his life experiences. His first novel, The Magistrates, won a prestigious writing award.

Smith is also a warrior for financial literacy. Recently, he donated a large number of his how-to book on personal finance to the Los Angeles County Libraries. Please click here to see Press Release.

Judge Smith is now available in the Los Angeles area as a private judge--arbitrator and mediator, in the field of alternative dispute resolution.

Judge Smith can be reached at Alternative Resolution Centers in LA or by calling (213) 623-0211.

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