Press Release

Local Judge Declares War on Financial Illiteracy;
Donates Investment Book to County Libraries

March 3, 2008

Los Angeles -- Facilitated by the office of Supervisor Michael D. Antonovich, retired Superior Court Judge Peter S. Smith is donating 85 copies of his No BS Handbook for Successful Investing (Jada Press, 2007) to Los Angeles County libraries.

A judge for over 30 years and an award-winning author, Smith feels strongly about the subject of personal finance. He presided over cases where a lack of basic understanding of finances, or what the LA Times recently called "financial illiteracy," was to blame for money troubles.

Smith says, "If people can get a firm grip on their personal financial situation, and learn how to save and invest, itís less likely they will end up in the legal system. People can also avoid having to rely on Social Security for their retirement."

Judge Smith says heís pleased that his Handbook book will now be available to interested readers throughout the County. The Handbook should be available by the end of February at County libraries, and can also be purchased for $14.95 at all major bookstores, or ordered online at websites like Amazon and Barnes and Noble. Additional information is available at the authorís website:

Smith is confident that, "The war on financial illiteracy will eventually be won. Iím personally fighting in the trenches on this. The Handbook is very easy to read. You can finish it in a few hoursĖĖin the same amount of time youíd spend watching a movie. Novice and seasoned investors alike will find tips and tactics that can tremendously change their financial lives for the better."

Tony Bell
Assistant Chief Deputy
Los Angeles County Supervisor Michael D. Antonovich
500 West Temple St. #869
Los Angeles, CA 90012